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m edit Engel, Kasernenstrasse 10, CH-4410, (, fax: 41 (0) ). One river crossing costs CHF.20 for adults and.60 for children. 3 (direction Burgfelden Grenze, stop at Lyss or Spalentor ). The smaller, but still significant Hoffmann-La Roche 75, provides competition. The use of floating toys or swimming aids is forbidden by law. Bring your passport and take bus. The Shop sells cotton shirts, hoodies, underwear and also some special design items.

Organic food, heavy on old-fashioned meat dishes, at reasonable prices in a trendy setting. In case of an emergency, they can press a panic button to alert the police of the tram's location. The names of its collection read like a Who-is-Who of the art world since the late 19th century. Nice restaurants along the Reuss river, which you can cross using the famous wooden Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge). Upon exiting the tunnel into the Ticino valley, you immediately sense the proximity of Italy, particularly in the architecture - and in the weather, which tends to be significantly warmer than in the northern parts of Switzerland. Halbtax-Abo : If you own a Halbtax-Abo 13 (half-tariff card) issued by Swiss Railways SBB, you can buy half-tariff tram tickets as well. A handy website with availability and driving directions to all public garages can be found here:. Wear light clothes for sub-tropical Lugano and don't be surprised by the skiers getting off the train in parkas at the mid-Alps stops.

As long as you are traveling away from the stop where you got on, you can ride on the same ticket for as long as the ticket is valid. The Schauspielhaus, re-opened in 2002 in a new building on nearby Steinentorstr. Handling trams and buses To open the door from outside press the button near the door on newer (low floor) trams, or the orange lit button beside the door on older trams and buses. An unusual chocolate shop, selling not mass produced brands like Lindt or Cailler - not that there is anything wrong with those - but unusual artisan chocolates, including spicy ones, most of which are (heaven help!) not even made in Switzerland. Art events, movie nights, book readings, and lots of drinks into the wee hours. The bright green trams and buses are the greatest amenity you can imagine: absolutely prompt, relatively inexpensive, clean and very convenient.

Thalia (formely Jäggi Bücher Freie Strasse 32, near the central post office, 103. M edit SAS Radisson, Steinentorstr. If you visit Lucerne, walk the bridge paying attention to the artwork in the rafters. This elegant museum, located 15 minutes outside of Basel in the suburb of Riehen, was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. The city center is only 500m away. Be careful to exit only through the Swiss passport control, or you will find yourself in France. Rooms are between CHF 350 and 550, but check the website for seasonal deals, which can be significantly better. Heavy but exquisite northern Italian fare, particularly an outstanding Osso Bucco (braised veal knuckles).


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Diburnium pornokino freiburg The hostel is located approx. A most spectacular view is from the mountains opposite. Even if you think your German is pretty good, and even though Basel is only just over the German border, remember this is Switzerland and the locals speak the incomparable and lively Baseldytsch. Fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and pastries, flowers are available each working day. Do not be surprised if you see the pierced mohawk punk on a tram or bus give up his/her seat to an elderly person.
Lustzofe erotik chat free A simple walking tour - anywhere in Basel - reveals extraordinary performance. A concert (Indie Rock, Electronic Music, Hip Hop, Drum'n'Bass theater and dance venue.
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